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Earthy Apatite

Earthy Apatite

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This bracelet has Apatite round and rhondelle beads. It also has gold stainless steel findings. This exquisite piece combines the soothing energy of apatite with the elegance of gold, creating a harmonious balance of style and healing.

Apatite, with its captivating blue hues is renowned for its powerful properties. It is believed to stimulate creativity, enhance clarity, and promote self-expression.

Additionally, apatite is associated with the throat chakra, making it ideal for facilitating communication and encouraging authenticity.

The gold stainless steel spacers add a touch of sophistication to the bracelet while providing durability and longevity. Gold is associated with abundance, success, and vitality, complementing the energetic properties of apatite.

This bracelet is made on high quality stretchy elastic and is our average size 7” Message us if you need a different size, we can’t promise you we will have the beads but we will do our best to help you!

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